November 16th, 2009

just a spark

Waters of Mars (no spoilers)

Has anyone watched it yet? To me, this one really delivered. I'd been majorly disappointed by the last two and was expecting to be even less excited this time around since it's been so many months and since I've pretty much gotten over my David Tennant infatuation, but this episode dealt with some heavy themes (that didn't really play out until the last 10-20 minutes, but were worth the wait). It was kind of like emotional blue balls, though, only bringing me to the edge of tears and getting my stomach all tangled in knots but never pushing me over the brink. I'm sure that was intentional--Russel T. Davies is just winding us up for the next one, before the regeneration. David Tennant really had some brilliant moments in this, I hope the new boy can stand up against such a fine actor.