2008 Christmas Special

So, okay, I have no idea if anyone but fangirl_h and me are even looking at this, but if you are, Christmas special discussion ho! Yeah, that was a Thundercats reference, so? Anyway, this years special was pretty awesome, what with the stuff and the other stuff. No spoilers, I guess. Um, I know what happened, and anyone who watched it knows what happened, so post your favorite part, your opinion on what's-his-face, etc.


So, this is the first community I've ever run, I'm hoping that someone'll volunteer to help out, and hopefully someone can make a cool layout, because I kinda suck at that. I'll get some header images up and running, and I'll start setting up tags, because , yes you have to use tags. Seriously, I hate untagged communities, they're really hard to navigate. Also, use cuts, please. Join, post, tell me who your favorite characters are, who your favorite Doctor is, whether or not you liked Torchwood, anything. Start episode discussions, post fic, do all of the above. Totally geek out people, it's what the comm is here for. However, you must be from Humboldt County, that's the whole point of me making this community.

Okay, It's been pointed out that we need a rules post. They're listed below, if you think of something that should be added, e-mail me and I'll see what I can do.

1. USE TAGS. I already mentioned this, but I'll say it again.

2. USE CUTS. Long blocks of text get annoying if someone doesn't want to read it.

3. WHEN POSTING FANFICTION: Always post Title, Pairing, Summary, Rating, etc. and use cuts.

4. PROFANITY: I don't really care if you curse, but others might, keep it behind your cuts please. Also, don't flame or trash talk others on this thread please, save it for comment wars.

5. I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE. Go wild, do what you want within these rules and there won't be any problems.